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[DD] Discografía Imperial State Electric 320 kbps [MEGA]

Imperial State Electric es una banda de rock formada por el vocalista, guitarrista y líder de la banda The Hellacopters Nicke Andersson, Dolph de Borst, Tobias Egge y Tomas Eriksson.

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ACTUALIZADO 07/09/2015: Agregado su último álbum de estudio de 2015.

PASS: mulideal

(2010) Imperial State Electric

01. A Holiday From My Vacation
02. Lord Knows I Know That It Ain't Right
03. Resign
04. Throwing Stones
05. I'll Let You Down
06. I Got All Day Long
07. Lee Anne
08. Deja Vu
09. Together In The Darkness
10. Alive
11. Diseased Pieces Of My Heart
12. Redemption's Gone


(2011) In Concert

01. Leave My Kitten Alone
02. Is It Day Or Night?
03. You Can't Do That
04. I Don't Know What I Want
05. Rock And Roll Boogie
06. Sweet Little Sixteen


(2012) Pop War

01. Uh Huh
02. The Narrow Line
03. Can't Seem To Shake It Off My Mind
04. Back On Main
05. Waltz For Vincent
06. Sheltered In The Sand
07. Empty Hands
08. Monarchy Madness
09. Deride And Conquer
10. Enough To Break Your Heart


(2013) Reptile Brain Music

01. Emptiness Into The Void
02. Underwhelmed
03. Faustian Bargains
04. Reptile Brain
05. More Than Enough Of Your Love
06. Dead Things
07. Apologize
08. Stay The Night
09. Eyes
10. Born Again
11. Nothing Like You Said It Would Be
12. Down In The Bunker


(2015) Honk Machine

01. Let Me Throw My Life Away
02. Anywhere Loud
03. Guard Down
04. All Over My Head
05. Maybe You're Right
06. Walk On By
07. Another Armageddon
08. Lost In Losing You
09. Just Let Me Know
10. Colder Down Here
11. It Ain't What You Think (It's What You Do)


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Anónimo dijo...

Saben si son conseguibles online los singles?? Continuamente están sacando singles nuevos y es imposible seguirles el ritmo...

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Hay uno nuevo 2016

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